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15 inventions more incredible than indispensable


How many times have you noticed a cute but strange object whose function escapes you a little? Often the question goes up: “But who invented that !? And why?” Here is a selection of 15 most “original” inventions that we found on the net.

1The football chair-cage

Unmissable for the most lazy footie, the chair-cage football will offer you unforgettable moments of relaxation with friends and excellent entertainment at all your evenings, especially the most watered.

2The onion cutter

An indispensable kitchen accessory for the most precise cooks, who do not tolerate onion slices of different sizes. The onion cutter allows the less expert to match the top chefs, in just seconds. There remains the problem of tears, we can not have everything!

3The “washing-head-to-babies-without-water-in-the-eyes”

Do you worry? Are you afraid to put the shampoo in the little boy’s eyes? You have no solution? Now she exists. Even if you had to think about it …

4Umbrellas shoes

New shoes and rainy day? Bad idea if you do not have umbrella shoes. If you have it, however, you will be the most elegant of the street …


5A practical costume

Join the useful to the pleasant? Another dad’s idea, but still there are limits! Baby is not a mop, even if it drags just as much on the ground!

6The beard cap

Ideal for the chilly, the victims of fashion, men and women, tear it off since its release, the cap-beard was a revolution. Unisex accessory, it keeps the chin warm and gives a unique touch to your style.

7Ice padlock

A must-have for roommates, the ice padlock will protect your most valuable belongings from hungry thieves and roommates. Be careful not to forget the combination, or you will fall into your own trap!

8The cutlery-bics

Practical for lunch breaks in the office, these pretty little cutlery, to apply on your pen, can save your life in case of “small oversights”.


If you feel musicians in the soul but the dinner will not prepare itself, the chopsticks are your remedy: turning each meal into a concerto, they will relieve your repressed instincts!

10The recycle-candles

Useful and ecological accessory, it allows you to recycle your candles. Simple but effective, there is no small savings, when it comes to saving the planet!

11The sofa tray

Latest trend 2018, handy for having your drink at hand, the sofa tray quickly become indispensable in your home. Especially if you do not have a coffee table …

12The lamp-slippers

Tired of banging your toes during your nocturnal wanderings in the darkness of your apartment? Furniture is at war with your feet and you have no weapon to fight? Your ceiling lights strike from midnight to 6:00 am? The solution has all your problems here!

13The trotti-shoot

Also called “chick” and “Attention to the descent!”, Trottipousse is the latest in baby accessories. To look young while you walk the little prince nothing better than to get into the crowd on this funny vehicle!

14The pizza chisel

Pizza party with friends? Quick service thanks to the pizza scissors, a single gesture to cut and serve, it will impress the gallery!

15The belt-meter

How to stay faithful to one’s diet? The solution is: measure your waist each day, getting dressed. Not great, like start of the day …


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